We are really exited about our new product, you will be too! 

The Smile Hybrid Inverter/Battery Storage unit is a stylish but incredibly simple to install solution for battery storage for you.

If you already have a photo voltaic array on your roof then this is the perfect partner for your system. Any solar power you are producing during the day can be stored to use in the evening, you are literally storing the sunshine until needed later. If you are at home during the day then your solar will run your home as normal. If you are out or not using much  energy then it will be stored in the Alpha Battery until you and your family need it in the evening. Imagine sitting down to Coronation Street and the sun that was shining in the day is powering your TV in the evening. (Battery level given).

Not only for domestic use, the smile 3 & 5 can power a small office unit too.

"easy to use and it has a great web based interface" Mike, Bristol

This unit comes as a modular system and can be stacked up to 14.4kWh, the extension packs are easy to install, it's practically a plug and play system. If 14.4kWh is not enough, then the B3 has a bigger brother, the Smile 5, this unit is a Hybrid Inverter and a 5.7kWh battery that can be stackked up to an amazing 34.4kWh system

Not only does it look the part but comes with its own Cloud monitoring platform for easy control.

It has to be mentioned that the Smile is AC Based, so does need a 230V power connection to run. It is not ideal for an off grid situation - we have other equipment for these purposes, if required.

This system makes battery storage for domestic and commercial usage very easy.

Key Features:

  • AC-Coupling
  • Built-in battery
  • Modular design
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • 24/7 Monitoring

The price is inclusive the WiFi dongle and delivery.

Installation can be arranged for you if required.

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